Inspired by Alfred Mendes, grandfather of director Sam Mendes, and based on, depending on which account you read, either his own personal experiences during World War 1 or tales he told about others daring escapades, 1917 is one of the first must see movies of 2020.

Set up to look as if it’s been filmed in one long take, 1917 is a technical and storytelling triumph.

George Mackay and Dean-Charles Chapman play Lance Corporals’ Schofield and Blake, two infantry men given the task of making their way across no man’s line in order to tell an advanced unit of British soldiers that their walking into a trap. Making their task even more urgent, if that was possible, is the fact that Blake’s brother is among the troops that are about to advance into the waiting Germans.

Mendes movie is visually stunning and at times feels like a throwback to the star packed movies of the 60’s and 70’s, “The Longest Day” springs to mind, as various famous faces pop up in a number of minor roles, Colin Firth and Benedict Cumberbatch to name but two.

1917 is a cinematic experience that demands to be seen on a cinema screen, Mendes has managed to create a vision of hell as the two young men make their way across a land - that’s littered with uncountable numbers of putrefying bodies of their fallen comrades - where every step they take risks serious injury or death.

1917 deserves every award that will all most certainly come its way.

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1917 (15)

1h 59m

Director: Sam Mendes

UK Release: Friday 10th January 2020
US Release: 25th December 2019

1917 - Extended Featurette

1917 - Behind The Scenes Featurette

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