“21 Bridges” opens with the funeral of a NYPD police officer who has been killed in the line of duty. Sitting on a pew at the front of the church is his young 13 year old son.

We then move on a number of years and the young boy is now a serving New York City detective. Scarred by the death of his father at the hands of some faceless thug’s, detective Andre Davis (Chadwick Boseman) is an officer who’s not afraid to shoot first and justify his actions later.

From our first introduction to Davis it’s pretty obvious that he’s a cop’s cop and if you need a bad guy caught then he’s the man to turn to (a modern day Dirty Harry, but only with more scruples).

After a drugs heist goes wrong and several cops are killed Captain McKenna, the officer in charge of the scene (J.K Simmons), turns to the one officer he knows he can trust to track down the two suspects (Taylor Kitsch and Stephen James), detective Andre Davis. But just in case he needs some help he teams him up with narcotic officer Frankie Burns (Sienna Miller carrying on her fine form from the excellent “American Woman”).

As the search intensifies for the two fugitives and it becomes apparent that their still on the island of Manhattan, Davis, who has now taken charge of the case, orders the lockdown of Manhattan. “There are 21 bridges in and out of Manhattan shut’em down” Davis barks.

As Davis and Burns pursue the two suspects “21 Bridges” could easily have turned out to be a standard chase movie. However thanks to a script where nothing and nobody is who or what they seem, a fantastic cast and a pace that never lets up, in their pursuit Davis and Burns dodge bullets like Manhattan rain, “21 Bridges” turns out to be a hugely enjoyable thriller.

Highly recommended


21 Bridges (15)

1h 43m

Director: Brian Kirk

UK/US Release: Friday 22nd November 2019

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