Directed by and starring Alan Rickman "A Little Chaos" is a period drama set in 17th Century France in the court of King Louis XIV. The Kings head gardener (Matthias Schoenaert) has been tasked by the King (Alan Rickman) with designing the royal gardens at Versailles, he then takes the unusual decision to overlook more illustrious designers and hire unknown Madame De Barra (Kate Winslet) to design and manage a particular section of the gardens.

"A Little Chaos" is a slow paced story with the main thread being the romance between Schoenaerts character and Madam De Barra, the romance isn't entirely believable particularly down to Schoenaert who has very little screen presence. Rickman turns up and over acts in a small role as King Louis XIV.

"A Little Chaos "is held together by a marvellous performance from Winslet, but like the gardens themselves ,Chaos is a film that's stunning to look at ,the cinematography is fantastic ,but beyond the visuals lies a story that's as thin as paper.

One for lovers of period dramas only.


A Little Chaos

starring: Kate Winslet, Alan Rickman

UK Release: Friday 17th April 2015