Based on the true fact that the young princesses Elizabeth (Sarah Gaden) and Margaret (Bell Powley) ventured out into the streets of London on VE night, a royal night out adds a large dollop of fiction in order to make a rom com that is more interesting than the real events.

Bored with being locked away in the ghastly mausoleum that is Buckingham Palace, Elizabeth and Margaret see the British public celebrating the defeat of the Nazis and convince King George VI (Rupert Everett) and their overprotective mother, Queen Elizabeth (Emily Watson) that they should be allowed out into the streets in order to join the thronging masses.

Once out of the confines of the palace to girls escape the clutches of their chaperones and embark on a night of adventure. On their travels the pair eventually get split up, both ending up on separate buses. It's on her bus where Elizabeth meets a working class airman (Jack Raynor) who has gone AWOL and who will be arrested if the military police catch up with him. The pair then go hunting for Margaret who is more adventurous than her older sister. Ending in brothels, illegal drinking dens and nightclubs The princess meet up with a number of unsavoury characters including prostitutes, spivs and a sailor who spikes Margaret's drink.

A Royal Night Out isn't without its charm thanks in part to two splendid performances from Gaden and Powley. As a piece of fiction it's a film that's highly entertaining and amusing, what the Queen might think of this fictional story masquerading as the truth is anyone's guess.

A Royal Night Out  (12A)
1h 37m

Director: Julian Jarrold
Starring: Sarah Gadon, Bel Powley, Jack Reynor, Rupert Everett, Emily Watson, Roger Allam

UK Release: Friday 15th May 2015