"About Last Night" is a sort of remake of the 1986 film of the same name starring Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, James Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins. The plot for this film being taken from David Mamet's 1974 play, Sexual Perversity in Chicago.

For those that have never seen the original, "About Last Night" tells the story of two best friends Bernie (Kevin Hart) and Danny (Michael Ealy) and their relationships with best friends Joan (Regina Hall) and Debbie (Joy Bryant).

Danny and Bernie are thirty-something buddies, working together as sales reps for a Los Angeles restaurant supply firm. Bernie is a loud mouth womaniser whilst Danny is the shy and retiring type who has been scarred by a recent breakup. Their dates, Joan and Debbie are also two best friends, Debbie is smart and sophisticated whilst Joan is as loud as Bernie.

We first meet Bernie and Joan on their second date and as they are unsure if the second will go well, they each bring along a friend, who just happen to be Danny and Debbie. Unsurprisingly Danny and Debbie immediately click and within a short period of time they have moved in together. Each of the couples are polar opposites. Bernie and Joan love to hate each other and after falling out can't resist being drawn back together for the inevitable make up sex. Whilst Danny and Debbie are Mr and Miss reliable who just want to settle down.

The remainder of the film follows these two relationships through their inevitable ups and downs.

"About Last Night" is without doubt a starring vehicle for rising star Kevin Hart and if you watched him in the recent "Ride Along" you'll know exactly what to expect. Harts one hundred mile an hour comic delivery will be something that you either love or loath and depending on your opinion of him will decide if you’re going to enjoy "About Last Night". All the jokes in the film are between him and Regina Hall and generally focus on sex and body parts. Hall is certainly a match for Hart when it comes to comedy and manages to hold her own when she's on screen with him. Unfortunately the overpowering presence of Hart and Hall does tend to overshadow everything and everyone else in the film and at times it does make the relationship between Ealy and Bryant, which after all is the main thread of the original story, feel like a side issue.

"About Last Night" is an easy going rom com and if you're a fan of Hart and you do like romantic comedies then this could be a perfect date movie.

About Last Night (15)

1h 40m

Director: Steve Pink
Starring: Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant

UK Release: Friday 21st March 2014

About Last Night - "Broken Up" Clip

About Last Night - "Mini Mike" Clip