Based on two separate memoirs – Beautiful Boy by David Sheff and Tweak by his son Nic, Beautiful Boy the film is a harrowing story of one family’s battle with drug addiction.

Great performances from a wonderful cast make for enjoyable viewing however given the harsh and depressing subject matter Beautiful Boy is a hard movie to recommend. Telling the true story of how one man, David Sheff (Steve Carroll) tried to help is drug addicted son, Beautiful Boy is a hard movie to watch.

David’s teenage son, Nicholas Sheff (Timothee Chalamet), appears to have it all, good grades at school, promising artist, athlete and editor of the school newspaper, however when he becomes addicted to meth it not only affects him but also everyone that loves him.

Seeing his son threatening to destroy himself David has to fight a battle on two fronts. His first is trying to save his son from the addiction that is slowly spiralling his son into a world of hell. The other is trying to support his two other young children and his partner (Maura Tierney).

The decline in Nic from Grade A student to a meth addict, who takes to shooting up on floors of public restrooms, is dramatic and harrowing.

Chalamet’s and Carroll’s wonderful and moving performances turns Beautiful Boy from just becoming another sad tale of drug addiction into a must see story.

Beautiful Boy (15)

1h 52m

Director: Felix Van Groeningen Starring: Steve Carell, Timothee Chalamet, Maura Tierney

UK Release: Friday 18th January 2019

Beautiful Boy - "I'm Kind Of Into Other Things Now" Clip

Beautiful Boy - "I Want Them To Be Proud Of Me" Clip