Young Irish actress Saorise Ronan gives a remarkable and career defining performance in a wonderful adaption of Nick Hornby's novel about a young Irish woman's journey from her home in Ireland in the 50's to her new life in Brooklyn, New York.

Ronan, who must have a good chance of another academy award nomination, her last was for her role in Atonement eight years ago, plays Eilis Lacey, a shy Irish country girl who with the help of her sister (Fiona Glascott) manages to get passage on a ship bound for New York. Packing in her job at a local grocery store, run by the evil and spiteful shopkeeper Miss Kelly, Ellis says goodbye to her sad mother and sister for the last time and heads off by sea to her new life in America.

After a stormy voyage Eilis reaches Brooklyn where she's takes up lodging with Irish landlady Mrs Kehoe (a wonderful Julie Walters). On hand to help her find a job in a department store is kindly priest Father Flood (Jim Broadbent). However Eilis can't help dreaming of home and the mother and sister that she's left behind. Pining for home her homesickness is only lifted after she meets Tony (Emory Cohen), an Italian-American plumber and the pair start to fall in love.

However the path of love never runs smoothly and after tragedy strikes back in Eilis's home town she's forced to pack her bags and return home.

When she arrives back in Ireland it's her intention to stay only for a few days but circumstances and chance meetings with old friends’ means that she slowly becomes torn between her new life in Brooklyn and her former life in Ireland.

Brooklyn is an easy going film helped by wonderful performances by everyone that's involved.

The cinematography and the attention to 50's detail is exquisite.

Brooklyn is a hidden gem and comes highly recommended. Don’t miss.

Brooklyn (12A)

1h 52m

Director: John Crowley
Starring: Saoirse Ronan, Domhill Gleeson, Emory Cohen, Jim Broadbent, Julie Walters

UK Release: Friday 6th November 2015

Brooklyn - "You Need A Swimsuit" Clip

Brooklyn - "At the Beach" Clip