If you've watched the trailer for Christmas with the Coopers then there's every chance that you'll go to see it expecting a comedy film along the lines of “National Lampoons Christmas Vacation”. If that's the case then I'm afraid to disappoint you as Christmas with the Coopers has more in common with the 2010 film "Valentine’s Day" than the aforementioned National Lampoons film.

The story is set on Christmas Eve and various members of the Cooper clan are attempting to make their way to the family home where Charlotte and Sam Cooper, Diane Keaton and John Goodman, the mother and father of the family are preparing a Christmas feast. However the dinner isn't the only surprise that their looking to spring on their family as after 40 years of marriage the couple have decided to separate and they've decided that the best time to break the news is at a Christmas dinner.

Each of the separate stories then run concurrently as each member of the family's story is told. The quality cast includes Marisa Tomei who is Charlottes sister and just happens to have been arrested for shoplifting after stealing her sisters Christmas present, Alan Arkin is the grumpy grandfather who turns up at the dinner with his friend (Amanda Siegfried) who happens to be a waitress at his local diner.

Some stories are better than others, the stand out amongst them being Olivia Wilde's, she's Charlottes and Sam's daughter and feels that her parents are always disappointed with what she does in life so in order to try and remedy that she picks up a soldier in an airport bar and tries to pass him off as her boyfriend.

Christmas with the Coopers does, as you would expected for a Christmas film, get a bit sugary towards the end. It might not be a classic but there's far worse ways to spend a couple of hours at the cinema.

Christmas With The Coopers (12A)

1h 47m

Director: Jessie Nelson

Starring: Diane Keaton, John Goodman, Olivia Wilde, Ed Helms, Marisa Tomei, Anthony Mackie, Alan Arkin, Amanda Seyfried, Jake Lacey, Alex Borstein

UK Release: Tuesday 1st December 2015