Mental illness is always a tricky subject to bring to the screen but thankfully first time director Marilyn Edmond manages to stay clear of all the mental health clichés and brings us a movie that’s as warm and funny as it is harrowing and sad.

Filmed over 15 days in North Berwick – plaudits should go to the camera work in the movie as the town has never looked better- on a budget that wouldn’t pay for the catering on a Hollywood movie, “Connect” begins tragically with a hooded figure throwing themselves from the town’s cliffs.

We then meet Brian (Kevin Guthrie), a young man who, unbeknown to his family and friends, is suffering from depression. Feeling unable to share his grief with anyone, he heads, with the intention of ending his life, to the same cliffs.

Saved at the last minute and befriended by Jeff (Stephen McCole) Brian then takes up voluntary work at the care home that Jeff’s owns. Here he meets single mother Sam (Siobhan Reilly) and things seem to be on the way up for him.

Unfortunately whilst the audience and those around him might see in Brian someone who has it all, he has a job, a loving family and good friends, Brian’s illness lurks in the background like a dark shadow that wants to take whatever happiness he has from him.

“Connect” might not sound, given the subject matter, like a great night at the cinema but Marilyn Edmond, who is also the movies producer and writer, and an outstanding cast – Guthrie and Cole are excellent as are Sara Vickers who plays Brian’s sister and Cameron Fulton who plays Brian’s workmate and best friend Gavin - have managed to conjure up something very special indeed. I won’t spoil the ending other than to say it’ll certainly have you talking about it long after you’ve left the cinema.

“Connect” is an outstanding directorial debut and on the basis of “Connect” this won’t be the only movie where Marilyn Edmond she has her name in the titles.

“Connect” is getting a limited cinema release and is well worth searching out and comes highly recommended.


Connect (15)

1h 45m

Director: Marilyn Edmond Starring: Kevin Guthrie, Siobhan Reilly, Stephen McCole, Sara Vickers, Conor McCarron

UK Release: Select UK cinemas from 25th October 2019 - full list at