Loosely based on the fact that an English folk singer called Steve Tilston found out after several decades that John Lennon had once written him a letter praising his music, Danny Collins, the film, adds some meat to the real story.

Al Pacino is Danny Collins a successful singer who is now in the twilight of his career, hanging on to past glories Collins is forced to sing his signature tune, Hey, Baby Doll over and over again to his ever ageing appreciative audience.

When Danny's agent (Christopher Plummer) gives him a lost letter from Lennon detailing how Danny should deal with any fame that comes his way Danny starts to re-evaluate his life and career.

Leaving his fiancée, who is half his age, Danny moves from his LA mansion across the country to take up residency in a Hilton Hotel in New Jersey. It's here, in between trying to mend bridges with his son that he has never met (Bobby Cannavale) that he tries to charm the manageress (Annette Benning).

Pacino is without doubt a great actor unfortunately one thing that he is not is a great singer, why director Dan Fogelman made the decision to have Pacino sign his songs when it's so obvious he can't hold a note is anyone's guess. However this is a small complaint as Danny Collins is an enjoyable, if at times over sentimental, film.

Danny Collins (15)

1h 46m

starring: Al Pacino, Jennifer Garner, Christopher Plummer, Annette Benning

UK Release: Friday 29th May 2015