Frank and Lindsay (Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder) play a pair of bitter singletons who, after bumping into each other at an airport, find that they are both heading to the same wedding. Frank’s going because it’s his brother’s wedding whilst Lindsay has been invited because she’s the groom’s ex.

Needless to say fate lends a hand and the pair are reluctantly thrown together after being seated at the same table and sharing adjoining rooms. It’s not too difficult to see where Destination Weddings story, or what little story there is, is heading, couple hate each other at first but after spending some forced time together they each find that they might have more in common that they think.

Reeves and Ryder have the only two speaking parts in the movies 87 minute running time and boy do they speak. From the first minute to the last the pair throw insults at each other with a command of the English language that makes them look as if they’ve each swallowed an Oxford English dictionary. Does anyone actually speak like this in real life?

Destination Wedding is obviously designed to showcase the talents of its two stars and if you’re a fan of either you’ll probably find something to enjoy, just don’t watch it expecting to find some deep meaning about love, life and the universe.


Destination Wedding (15)

1h 27m

Director: Victor Levin Starring: WInona Ryder, Keanu Reeves

UK Release: Digital Download 21st June 219, DVD 1st July 2019

Destination Wedding - "You're Even Worse Than He Said"  Clip

Destination Wedding - "Can You Carry Me" Clip

Destination Wedding - "The Human Condition"  Clip

Destination Wedding - "Do You want To Dance?"  Clip