The third feature from Bone Tomahawk and Brawl in Cell Block 99 director S Craig Zahler, Dragged Across Concrete stars Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn as two hardened detectives Brett Ridgeman (Gibson) and Anthony Lurasetti (Vaughn).

When both are suspended after using excessive force on a prisoner they hatch a plan to make themselves some money, Ridgemen’s wife has multiple sclerosis and soaring medical bills whilst Lurasetti is looking to buy and engagement ring so that he can propose to his girlfriend. The plan involves the pair stealing the money from a robbery that they have received information is going to happen in a local bank.

Extremely talky and brutal (if you’ve seen the directors other two movies you’ll know what to expect) in nature, a large proportion of the almost 3 hour running time involves Ridgeman and Lurasetti chewing the fat whilst sitting in the seat of their police vehicle.

Dragged Across Concrete has a good movie buried somewhere inside its bloated running time, if only the director had known when to shout cut we might have had a movie worth recommending. As it is it has to go down as something of a disappointment.


Dragged Across Concrete (18)

2h 41m

Director: S. Criag Zahler
Starring: Mel Gibson, Vince Vaughn, Tory Kittles, Michael Jai White, Jennifer Carpenter, Laurie Holden, Don Johnson

UK Release: Friday 19th April 2019