"Edge of Tomorrow" opens with a montage of news footage informing us that earth has been invaded by alien hordes called mimics. With most of Europe, with the exception of the UK, now under their control the human race is now facing extinction. Humanity's last hope is one last all-out battle against the aliens, winner takes all. Major William Cage (Tom Cruise) is the public face of the army and it's his job, through the media, to recruit soldiers for the upcoming battle.

However out of the blue, and for reasons we never find out, he is called into his superiors office (Brendan Gleeson) and told that he is to join the first wave of soldiers as they land on the beaches. Cage then turns ashen grey with shock and even resorts to blackmail in order to try and avoid fighting. He argues that he has no training and that he's just a PR man. After failing to plead his case he makes a run for it but gets caught before he can get out the building.

Cage next wakes up handcuffed and lying on a runway. He finds that he's part of a group of soldiers, led by Bill Paxton's hard-nosed sergeant who, are going to be right at the front of the upcoming battle. Cage now demoted to private is treated as a coward by his fellow soldiers. The one hero in the army is Rita (Emily Blunt), her name and face is plastered on posters on the side of buildings and buses, she is known as the Angel of Verdum and has killed hundreds of aliens in earlier battles.

It's not long before Cage finds himself leaving England and heading towards France in the first wave of attack. In a futuristic version of “Saving Private Ryan” Cage and his platoon are landed on the beaches and once there all hell breaks loose. Attacked by giant hordes of mimics Cage watches one by one as his platoon are slaughtered. Finally as he stumbles across the beach, unable to even get the safety off of his futuristic battle suit, he meets up with Rita. However they have only met for a matter of seconds before Rita herself is killed in front of Cages eyes. Lying frozen in fear on the beach Cage kills one of the aliens before he too meets his death.

This would seem like the end for Cage, but no, as he wakes up handcuffed on a runway finding that he's part of a group of soldiers who are going to be at the front of the upcoming battle. Cage in Groundhog Day moment finds that every time that he dies he starts the day over again. So day after day he starts the mission over and over again and everyday he is unable to get off the beach or save Rita.

Finally on one of his many days on the beach he is told by Rita to come and find her when he awakes. He then finds her on the base she trains him how to fight and kill the mimics and he tells her what will happen on the next day so that they can survive as long as possible.

Edge of Tomorrow plays like a video game as Cage must learn from his mistakes so that he can advance further each time. It might sound repetitive but surprisingly it's not as each time we visit the same day we learn something more that advances the story. The action is relentless and Cruise and Blunt are terrific together, Cruise in particular oozes charisma when he's on screen. Edge of Tomorrow is a fantastic piece of film making and is a film that shouldn't be missed. Simply fantastic.

Edge Of Tomorrow (12A)

1h 53m

Director: Doug Liman
Starring: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Lara Pulver, Jeremy Piven, Charlotte Riley

UK Release: Friday 30th May 2014

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