Based on David Levithan's acclaimed New York Times bestseller, Every Day tells the story of Rhiannon (Angourie Rice), a 16-year old girl who falls in love with a mysterious soul named "A" who inhabits a different body every day. Feeling an unmatched connection, Rhiannon and A work each day to find each other, not knowing what or who the next day will bring. The more the two fall in love, the more the realities of loving someone who is a different person every 24 hours takes a toll, leaving Rhiannon and "A" to face the hardest decision either has ever had to make.

Every Day (12A)

1h 31m

Director: Michael Sucsy
Starring: Angourie Rice, Owen Teague, Debby Ryan

UK Release: Friday 20th April 2018

Every Day - "Went Somewhere" Clip

Every Day - "Diner" Clip