From first time director Alex Garland "Ex Machina" is a slow building sci-fi drama about how far man can go with artificial intelligence.

Dominic Gleeson, the Irish actor might not be well known to cinema growers at the moment but by the end of the year his name will be on everyone's lips as he's one of the main stars of the hotly anticipated upcoming Star Wars movie, plays Caleb a geeky 24 year-old coder who works for some mysterious internet company. When Caleb wins a company competition to spend a week with his mysterious reclusive billionaire boss he's immediately whisked off by helicopter to some remote island. When he arrives at the futuristic house where access is gained to each room by means of a security card that is unique to the user, he is introduced to the sole inhabitant, Nathan (Oscar Isaac) his boss.

Caleb soon finds out that Nathan needs a human test subject for his top secret project that entails building the worlds first intelligent free-thinking android. The object of his exercise is to see if the android is capable of free thought. When he's introduced to the android, who Nathan has called Eva (Alicia Vikander), his task is to perform the "Turing Test", this test is designed to separate humans from smart machines. What follows is a battle of wits as all three parties, for their own reasons, try and win over each other's minds. What starts out as an innocent experiment soon takes on a far darker tone as Caleb must choose between bullying and manipulative Nathan or innocent and seductive Ava.

"Ex Machina" is slow to start but once it picks up pace it's a taught and exciting drama where nothing is what it seems.

Ex Machina (15)

Director: Alex Garland
Starring: Domhnall Gleeson, Alicia Vikander, Sonoya Mizuno, Oscar Isaac

UK Release: Friday 23rd January 2015