Eye In The Sky is a riveting war-on-terror thriller, in which Helen Mirren plays Colonel Katherine Powell a British Military Intelligence officer who, from her command post in Sussex, is tasked with setting up a drone strike on a terrorist "safe house" in Nairobi.

Thanks to their eyes on the ground Powell's team know that within the house are some of their most wanted terrorist targets who just happen to be preparing for a suicide bombing mission. However things start to become complicated when the two US army officers in charge of the drone, and who are set up in a command post in Nevada USA, spot a young girl setting up a table selling bread in the street. Calculations are made of the blast radius and it’s quickly calculated that any drone strike on the target will also kill the young girl.

The story then takes on the moral ground as Powell's boss Lieutenant General Frank Benson (Alan Rickman in his last screen appearance) gets involved as do the American and British governments. Is the life of one young girl worth losing in order to save hundreds that might be killed if the terrorists manage to set off their bombs?

As the debate rages and no one will commit themselves to making a decision the tension becomes nail-biting.

Eye In The Sky is a well-crafted film and a fitting tribute to Alan Rickman, don't miss.

Eye In The Sky (15)

1h 42m

Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman, Barkhad Abdi, Jeremy Northam, Iain Glen, Phoebe Fox

UK Release: Friday 15th April 2016