Murray (Woody Allan) is the owner of a bookshop in New York that has fallen on hard times. Forced to close the shop Murray is looking for another way of making money when he comes up with the bright idea of asking his florist friend Fioravante (John Turturro) if he wants to become a male escort.

At first Fioranvante dismisses the idea but when he realises how much money he can make he accepts the offer. Murray then becomes his pimp and introduces him to clients, the first being Murray's own sexually frustrated Doctor (Sharon Stone).

As their business grows Fioranvante is introduced to Avigal (Vanessa Paradis), a grieving orthodox Jewish widow for whom he provides a non-sexual massage service. As time passes and Avigal opens up to him Fioravante’s begins to fall for her. Unfortunately he's not the only one looking for her love as she's also being pursued by Dovi (Liev Schreiber), a member of Brooklyn’s Hasidic community crime patrol, called the Shomrim.

The one flaw with Fading Gigolo is that it's hard to see Fioravante as a male Gigolo, by his own admission he is not a good-looking man. Fading Gigolo is not so much a sex comedy but more an observation about the loneliness of people. Every single character in the film is sad and lonely and are ultimately only looking for the companionship of others. Murray in a story line that is never fully explained visits a black family and takes the kids out to play baseball. Stone is a married woman in a loveless marriage to a man we never see whilst Fioravante appears to have no friends except for Murray.

As well as starring Turturro is also the writer and director and in Fading Gigolo he gives Woody Allan the best role he has had in years. Murray’s detention by the Shomrim after they find out about his business venture and subsequent trial for moral corruption in front of a panel of rabbis is classic Allan.

Fading Gigolo is an enjoyable slow paced comedy that will bring more smiles than laughs and it certainly won’t linger long in the memory.

Fading Gigolo (15)

1h 30m

Director: John Turturro
Starring: John Turturro, Sofia Vergara, Sharon Stone, Woody Allen, Jill Scott, Liev Schreiber, Vanessa Paradis

UK Release: Friday 23rd May 2014

Fading Gigolo - Clip

Fading Gigolo - Clip

Fading Gigolo - Clip

Fading Gigolo - Clip