Construction worker Jack Cunningham (Ben Affleck) is living in a dark place, separated from his wife after the loss of his young son to cancer, Jack’s life is about as low as it can go and the only thing that he has for company is his own stool in his local bar and a fridge full of beer.

Things take an unexpected turn for him when he receives a call from his old school, where he was one of the best basketball players they ever had, asking him to return and coach the schools failing basketball team.

There’s nothing that original in Finding The Way Back, the story of a team of underdogs and misfits fighting their way up from the bottom has been told many times before. What lifts Finding The Way back above the clichéd genre is the best performance on screen from Ben Affleck for some considerable time. Perhaps, with his own well documented drink and marriage problems, it’s because the life of Jack Cunningham might not be a million miles away from his own.  

Finding The Way Back is an emotional and touching story that’s made all the more enjoyable by a fantastic performance from Affleck and comes highly recommended.


Finding The Way Back
US title: The Way Back

Director: Gavin O'Connor

UK Release: Premium Digital HD VOD 10th July 2020 - Digital HD 28th September DVD & Blu-ray 12th October 2020
US Release: 6th March 2020

Finding The Way Back - "You Earned This" Clip

Finding The Way Back - "Getting Warmed Up" Clip