Roughly based on the true story of the folk band of the same name ,Fisherman’s Friends is a feel good musical comedy that tells how a group of fishermen who sang sea shanty’s for their own enjoyment were turned into an award winning folk band..

The story begins in the Cornish village of Port Isaac where a cynical London music executive Danny (Daniel Mayes), who is there for a stag weekend, is tricked by his boss (Noel Clarke) into trying to sign a group of singing fishermen who they come across singing in the village’s harbour.

Abandoned in the village by his pals Danny sees something in the band that no one else sees, staying on in Port Isaac in order to convince them that they could have a career in the music industry he moves into the local bed and breakfast, which is run by the leader of the band Jim (James Purfefoy) and his daughter Alwyn (Tuppence Middleton).

As Danny spends more time in the village and starts to fall for Alwyn, his boss calls him in order tell him that the jokes over and if he wants to keep his job then he’s to get back to London immediately.

Believing in the bands talent, Danny puts everything he owns at risk in order to convince the doubting band members that they have a sound that the public will want to hear.

Fishermen’s Friends might be on the corny side however Director Chris Foggin manages to bring such a likability to the whole proceedings that it’s impossible not to be drawn into the story.

Toe tappingly recommended.

Fisherman's Friends (12A)

1h 52m

Director: Chris Foggin Starring: Daniel Mays, James Purefoy, Tuppence Middleton, David Hayman, Dave Johns, Noel Clarke

UK Release: Friday 15th March 2019

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