“Focus” is a fairly run of the mill crime caper along the lines of "Ocean’s Eleven". Will Smith plays Nicky, a Fagan like conman who is the leader of a gang of pickpockets that target people attending large outdoor events. After being unsuccessfully conned by Jess (Margot Robbie, her claim to fame is that she spent three years on The TV show neighbours) Nicky takes her under his wings as an apprentice thief and sets her to work in various thefts and scams in the New Orleans area. Finding that she's a natural the team are so successful that their scamming around $1 m a week. Needlessly to say it's not all business between the pair and after Nicky breaks his father’s first rule in that he should never mix business with pleasure the pair become romantically involved.

After acrimoniously going their separate ways the pair meet up again three years later in Buenos Aires where Nicky, in the con of his life, is planning to swindle a formula one racing tycoon out of a large sum of money in a scam that involves an computer program that enhances the performance of racing cars.

"Focus" is an enjoyable glossy well-made film helped in no small part by two charismatic performances from its lead actors. It has a number of great set pieces, one in particular where Nicky bets a fortune on the Super Bowl final, is guaranteed to have you biting your nails. "Focus" won't live long in the memory but if you’re a Will Smith fan you'll find that it's an enjoyable piece of escapist nonsense.

Focus (15)

starring: Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Rodrigo Santoro, Gerald McRaney

UK Release: Friday 27th February 2015