Hot on the heels of "The Wedding Ringer" Kevin a Hart is back on the big screen in Get Hard.

Hart plays Darnell Lewis a black business man who runs a car wash in the car park of the building where millionaire businessman James King (Will Ferrell) works. When King is wrongly convicted of fraud and sentenced to hard time in prison he turns to Lewis for help in teaching him how to survive. King is given 30 days to get his affairs in order and fearing that he's going to be someone's bitch in prison he turns to Darnell for help. King assumes Darnell must have been in prison as, according to him, a third of black men in America will end up in prison at some point in their life. But rather than being a hardened criminal Darnell is a model citizen with not even a parking ticket against his name. However Darnell needs cash to expand his business and when King offers him a large sum of cash he agrees to teach him how to be hard.

What follows is a series of jaw dropping bad taste jokes that border on either being racist or homophobic. King's biggest fear is of being raped in prison and when he fails to toughen up after failing to win any fights with strangers that he picks on in his local park Darnell takes him to a gay bar where he has to learn how to pleasure a gay man. When King is not insulting gays he dresses as rapper Li’l Wayne so that he can blend in with black gangs.

Hart is his usual fast talking self, while Ferrell plays, as he always does, a man who thinks that he's cleverer than he actually is. Yes the jokes are crude and border on the offensive, however the film is not without its merits, there are some genuine funny moments and Hart and Ferrell are the best that they've been for some time, which in fairness isn't saying much.

"Get Hard" is not for the easily offended but if you're a fan of either Hart or Ferrell then you won't be disappointed.

Get Hard

Director: Etan Cohen
Starring: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart

UK Release: Friday 27th March 2015