“Get on Up” is a biography of The Godfather of Soul, James Brown. Chadwick Boseman plays a convincing Brown in a story that jumps back and forward from his youth to when he was at his peak.

The music is excellent if you like James Brown with most of his hits being belted out by Boseman. The one problem with “Get on Up” is that Brown himself comes across as a despicable unlikable character that has no time for anyone but himself. Among his faults he's shown as an arrogant wife beater who would cheat his best friend out of what he's owed. The movie try's to show that it was his upbringing that made him what he was, his mother was abused by his father and he spend a time in prison that wasn't justified given the crime that he committed.

If you like James Browns music then you'll enjoy “Get on Up”. If you don't like his music then you might despise him even more after watching this warts and all biopic.

Get On Up (12A)

Director: Tate Taylor
Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer, Nelsan

UK Release: Friday 21st November 2014

Get On Up - 10 Minute Preview

Get On Up - International Trailer