It's just before Christmas and strange things are happening in London, reindeer are running wild on London Bridge and young Tom (Kit Connor) has found a strange white bearded man (Jim Broadbent) in his shed. The strange man, who is dressed like Santa, tells young Tom that he’s the real Santa and that he was out test flying his new sled when it hit some telephone cables, causing it to crash and his reindeers to run off. Santa explains that the one person that he could turn to for help is Steve (Rafe Spall), Tom’s father, who has just been released from prison after being caught as a getaway driver in failed robbery. Unfortunately Steve is a bit of a no user, he is separated from Tom’s mother and he himself doesn't believe in Santa.

The old white bearded man is quickly sent on his way and is dismissed by Steve as some old fruit cake. With no one to help him Santa, if that's who he is, in an effort to free his reindeer, breaks into Battersea dogs Home, where he’s quickly arrested and sent to prison.

Young Tom then convinces his father that they should go and visit Santa in prison where, after speaking to him, the pair end up on a number of adventures as they try and help Santa escape from prison so that he can deliver presents in time for Christmas.

It all might sound slightly corny but don't be put off as “Get Santa” is a wonderful and magical movie that is filled with charm, humour and a great deal of laughs. Broadband is fantastic in the role of Santa, watch as he's given lessons on how to become a prison hard man by the prison barber (Stephen Graham) and mistakes Warwick Davis for one of his elves.

Get Santa is a rare film in that it has appeal for both children and adults alike, if there is one Christmas movie that you choose to see this Christmas, make sure that it's this one. You might just come out the cinema believing in Father Christmas.

Get Santa (U)

Starring: Jim Broadbent, Warwick Davis

UK Release: Friday 5th December 2014