"Home" is the latest animated movie from Dreamworks pictures, the studio that brought us “Shrek” and “Madagascar”.

The Boov are a race of cute aliens that spend their time running away from their enemies. Their latest escape sees them landing on planet earth where they move all the humans to self-contained colonies.

The Boov pride themselves on running away and the best at it is Oh (Jim Parson from the Big Bang Theory). Oh is given his name by the other aliens, because oh is what they say every time Oh does something.

Unbeknown to the Boov there's one last little girl called Tip (Rihanna) left outside the colonies. Hiding out in the city Tip comes across Oh, who has been banished from his race because he has sent an illegal email to their enemies that will, when it reaches them, expose their hiding place on earth. Needless to say the pair strike up a friendship and they set out on an adventure to find Tip's mum and to stop the email before it reaches its destination.

Whilst "Home" is by no means a classic there's enough jokes and colourful characters in this delightful animated film to keep most children, and their parents, happy for 90 minutes.

Home 3D (U)

Director: Tim Johnson
Starring: (Voiced by) Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez

UK Release: Friday 20th March 2015