Pixar score another winner with the highly enjoyable and endlessly inventive Inside Out.

Much like Toy Story and Monsters Inc before it, Inside Out uses a simple idea as a springboard for a whole host of smart and creative ideas while never losing sight of the need for an emotionally involving story. So the idea that our emotions live as individual characters inside our own head allows the writers to explore the different areas of thought (subconscious, dreams, imagination etc) within an impressively realised world. Use of the importance of memory leads to a slightly sentimental feel at times but one that's also surprisingly moving too.

Of course being a Pixar film it's all beautifully animated and the contrast between the drab real world and the colourful world inside a young girl's head is effectively done.

The individual emotions are well realised thanks to some excellent vocal work. Amy Poehler and Phyllis Smith (Phyllis from The Office US) make a fantastic double act as Joy and Sadness and are well supported by Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling and Lewis Black (Fear, Disgust and Anger). Richard Kind amuses as an almost forgotten imaginary friend and no Pixar film would be complete without an appearance from John Ratzenberger.

Inside Out is Pixar at the top of its game. Colourful and engaging for the kids and inventive and smart enough to keep the adults involved (highlights include a Chinatown gag and a joke about bears in San Francisco that could even go over the heads of some of the adults in the audience).

Oh and stay for the end credits for something I won't spoil here.

This being a Pixar film there's a short beforehand but it's a fairly ropy twee one involving an unloved volcano. Well animated but nothing special sadly. I can't see this one troubling the Best Animated Short category at next year's Oscars. Still it doesn't last long and will be easily forgotten thanks to the quality of the feature.

Review by Kevin Knapman

Inside Out (3D) (U)

1h 42 m

starring: Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, Lewis Black, Phyllis Smith

UK Release: Friday 24th July 2015