"It Follows" brings something unusual to the horror table, in the last year horror films such as "The Babadook" and "The Woman in Black 2" have attempted to frighten the bejesus out of the audience by screaming at them. This time around the demons start to appear to people after they have sex with an infected person and rather than appearing from nowhere these demons follow their victims around until they finally catch up with them. Given that the demon can only walk you would think that driving some distance in a car would be a good idea, forget that idea as the persistent demon will walk and walk until they eventually find you, how they deal with air travel is never fully explained.

The story sees 19 year old Jay (Maika Monroe) having sex with her boyfriend only to find that he's passed on a terrible curse that will cause her to be consumed by demons that are only visible to her, the problem with the demons is that they can change their guise at any time. They could be a stranger, they could be your mother or sister, the one thing that is guaranteed is that when they find you, you’re dead.

She then finds that the best way of getting rid of the curse is to have sex with someone else, the more partners you have the longer they'll stay away from you. The only down side being is that when the demons finished all of them off it's then coming for you again. If ever there was an advert for safe sex, this is it.

It might sound a bit ridiculous, however director David Robert Mitchell has fashioned a horror film that is unique and has some genuinely scary moments. The one big find, in a film that is without doubt in the category of a low budget film, is Maika Monroe, she gives a wonderful performance and on the evidence here she's ultimately destined for greater things.

It Follows (15)

Director: David Robert Mitchell
Starring: Maika Monroe, Daniel Zovatto, Kier Gilchrist

UK Release: Friday 27th February 2015