Rowan Atkinson brings Johnny English, a cross between Mr Bean, Inspector Clouseau and James Bond, back to the big screen after a 7 year hiatus.

In the time that he has been away English has departed his MI7 job and has now become a teacher.

After a cyberattack identifies the location and identity of all of MI7 current agents The British Prime Minister (Emma Thompson) brings back the last of its retired agents that are still alive.

English, along with retired agents Six, Seven and Nine (Edward Fox, Charles Dance, Michael Gambon) answers the call.

After an unfortunate accident with an exploding pen (one of the movies funnier moments) English finds that he’s the last man standing and along with his sidekick Bough (Ben Miller reprising his role from the first movie) head out to catch the cyber criminals.

English and Bough track the cyberattack to a yacht called the Dot Calm, here they clash with a Russian Spy (Olga Kurylenko who having starred as a Bond Girl in Quantum of Solace adds some credibility to the proceedings).

Meanwhile back in London the Prime Minister has joined forces with American cyber security billionaire Jason Volta (Jake Lacy). Volta hopes that after the cyberattack he can persuade the Prime Minister to hand some of the government’s security needs over to the private sector.

Some of the jokes are funny some not quite so, English high on drugs and dancing on a dance floor is cringeworthy and will no doubt bring back bad memories of some elderly relation dancing badly at a family gathering. A scene where English uses virtual reality head gear for the first time is one of the funnier moments in the movie.

Your enjoyment of Johnny English Strikes Again will more than likely depend on your opinion of Rowan Atkinson. If you enjoy the rubber faced comedians outings as Mr Bean then you’ll more than likely enjoy Johnny English. If you’re not a fan there’s nothing much in this rehash of the first two movies that will change your mind.

One for Atkinson fans only.

Johnny English Strikes Again (PG)

1h 29m

Director: David Kerr
Rowan Atkinson, Ben Miller, Olga Kurylenko, Emma Thompson, Jake Lacy

UK Release: Friday 5th October 2018

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