Kill Your Friends is based on Scottish author John Niven's 1998 novel. Set in the British music industry, the black comedy tells the dark tale of Steven Stelfox (Nicholas Hoult) an A&R man who will do anything to get ahead in the cut throat music business.

Hoult narrates the story as he tells us about all his wrong doings within the industry. Most of the narrative involves expletives as Stelfox and his young team, who are normally high on drugs, go to any length to sign new and upcoming bands.

Every character is despicable, none more so than Holts who has not one redeeming quality. The film has an 18 certificate that it fully justifies as talk turns to violence as Stelfox starts to bump of his colleagues one by one.

Kill Your Friends is a film with little redeeming qualities, a film where every character is vile doesn't help you have any sympathy for them when they’re getting their heads bashed in.

If Kill Your Friends set itself out to shock then that's one thing that it's got right.


Kill Your Friends (18)

1h 43m

Director: Owen Harris

Starring: Nicolas Hoult, Craig Roberts, James Corden, Tom Riley, Joseph Mawle, Georgia King, Ed Skrein, Jim Piddock

UK Release: Friday 6th November 2015