Directed and written by the team that brought you Kick Ass, "Kingsman The Secret Service" has a lot in common with director Matthew Vaughn’s and writer Jane Goldman's previous film. Gross out comic book violence and foul mouthed youths abound in this enjoyable if not brilliant spy caper.

Colin Firth is Harry Hart a dashing, bullet proof umbrella carrying secret agent who works for the ultra secret Kingsman undercover super spy ring. Unlike James Bond, and there's plenty of nods to 007, Kingsmans spy's don't work for the government, instead their self employed and work out of a Savile Row tailor shop.

The story begins 17 years in the past when Harry is on a training mission with his best friend and partner, unfortunately his partner gets himself killed and Harry carries the guilt around with him like a leaden overcoat . Seeing a chance for some kind of redemption Harry approaches Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton),  the son of his dead colleague and offers him a place at the agency's training school. The training program, which is headed by Merlin (Mark Strong), Kingsmans' version of Bond's Q, sees a number of young recruits put through ever more difficult and testing tasks. The one difference from normal training academy's is that there will be only one man, or woman, left standing at the end. The recruits know the dangers that lie ahead of them as before they start their training they've to pen their names on a body bag.

Whilst the recruits are being put through their paces, Harry and his fellow agents , including his boss (Michael Cain), are attempting to thwart evil mobile phone tycoon Richmond Valentines (Samuel L Jackson)  plan to kill most of the human race. Valentine is an evil man, the only problem is that he faints at the sight of blood. As is the way of all good villains they have an even more evil hench person, this time it's a hench woman with bladed prosthetic legs called Gazelle (Sofia Boutella) that does Valentines killings.

Kingsman has plenty of laughs to keep the young target audience amused, anyone older than 25 might wonder what all the fuss is about as four letter expletives fly around as fast as the bullets and is a film that shouldn't be taken too seriously, listen to the soundtrack and you might even pick up some music that might remind you of bond,  Bond for chavs is the best way to describe this action packed nonsense.

Kingsman: The Secret Service (15)

starring:Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Taron Egerton, Samuel L. Jackson

UK Release: Thursday 29th January