Director Rian Johnson chooses a more earth bound story for his first movie after “The Last Jedi”. “Knives Out” is modern-day take on an Agatha Christie type murder mystery where everyone is a suspect and no one is who they seem

When renowned crime novelist and millionaire Harlan Thrombey (Christopher Plummer) is found dead at his estate the finger of suspicion points at is dysfunctional family, each of whom have their own reason for wanting the cantankerous old man dead.

Among the suspects are is daughter Linda (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her husband Richard (Don Johnson), his son Walter (Michael Shannon) and his wife Donna (Ricki Lindhome), his widowed daughter–in–law Joni (Toni Collette) and his three grandchildren: Ransom (Chris Evans), Megan (Katherine Langford) and Jacob (Jaeden Martell).

Turning up at the same time as the police is the inquisitive and debonair Private Detective Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig), Blanc having mysteriously received an envelope full of money telling him to investigate the death as it wasn’t, as the police suspect, a suicide.

As Blanc goes about investigating the crime it becomes apparent to him that the answer to the mystery might lie with one of Thrombey’s devoted housekeeping staff. The last person to see him alive being his carer Marta Cabera (Ana de Armas) who has the unfortunate habit of vomiting whenever she tells a lie.

Johnson, who as well as being the director, also wrote the script, shows his hand, in terms of the murder plot, pretty early , but it’s to his credit that he manages to introduce enough plot twists and turns throughout the movies running time to keep the audience guessing until the very end.

Johnson is helped by a wonderful cast, no more so than Craig who, with his deep southern drawl, seems to be playing the part of Blanc with his tongue planted firmly in his cheek (at the beginning Blanc appears more like Inspector Clouseau than Hercule Poirot).

“Knives Out” might not be perfect, the middle section of the movie feels at times as if it’s been padded out a bit too much and some characters have more to do, in terms of the storyline, than others, but on the whole “Knives Out” is an enjoyable whodunit.


Knives Out - "Observer Of Truth" Clip

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Knives Out - Meet The Thrombeys