“Like A Boss” sees best friends Mia and Mel (Tiffany Haddish and Rose Byrne) running their own cosmetic company. Unfortunately the business isn’t doing as well as they would like and when an offer comes in to buy a share in the company from cosmetic tycoon Claire Luna (an over acting Salma Hayek) the pair are forced to sell.

Luna once she has got her feet in the door of the company plans to take the business away from the pair completely.

“Like A Boss” is a comedy with virtually no laughs that is over acted by just about everyone in the movie. Its short running time (83 minutes) and a deleted scene in the trailer would indicate that perhaps there was a longer version planned. Thankfully for us the powers that be decided to keep it short.


Like A Boss (15)

1h 23m

Director: Miguel Arteta

On demand from 13th April 2020

Like A Boss: "Tragic Moment" Clip

Like A Boss: "Fiercst" Clip

Like A Boss: "Zhuzh" Clip

Like A Boss: "Spend Review" Trailer