Ben Mendelson plays Gerry, a down on his luck estate agent who owes money all over town due to his addiction to gambling, to add to his woes he is also separated from his wife and has a daughter that he never sees. The big problem that Gerry has is that he's not very good at gambling, in fact we first meet him sitting in his car listening to a tape that's designed to make him a better poker player.

Gerry's other vice is alcohol and it's when he's sitting in his favourite bar that he meets Curtis (Ryan Reynolds), Curtis is everything that Gerry's not and the two for some inexplicable reason immediately hit it off.

Mississippi Grind them becomes something of a road movie as the two "best buddies" head off to New Orleans where Curtis knows of a high stakes poker game. Along the road the pair meet up with Curtis's on off hooker girlfriend (Sienna Miller) whilst Gerry drops in for a heart breaking meeting with his ex-wife (Robin Weigert).

Mississippi Grind is as slow as the Mississippi itself, it meanders from one town to the other as Gerry and Curtis talk about life and gambling, and boy do they talk, Gerry's favourite phrase is "the journey is the destination", a phrase that he uses a lot as the pair take various detours, all of which normally end up in Gerry losing money, all be it its normally Curtis's.

The two leads are good, however it's hard to like either character, Gerry is constantly sad and nothing ever good happens to him, even when he wins you just know that he's destined to lose it at the next opportunity he gets to gamble, and gamble he does, this is a man that makes the decision to leave a race track based on whether the next person out of the toilet is wearing glasses. Curtis is the polar opposite of Gerry, he's a romantic at heart and money appears to be no issue, for most of the film it's hard to fathom out Curtis's motives for befriending manic depressive Gerry, is he genuine or is he some friendly faced con man that's out to fleece Gerry of any money that he might win.

Mississippi Grind (15)

1h 48m

Director: Ryan Fleck, Anna Boden

Starring: Ryan Reynolds, Ben Mendelsohn

UK Release: Friday 23rd October 2015