Planes 2: Fire and Rescue takes us back into the world of Dusty, the crop sprayer, the little plane who wanted to be a racing champ. Dusty has now got some mechanical problems with his gear box and being unable to race, trains to be a fire-fighter. This introduces us to a whole new cast of characters, all either planes or cars.

The first film was not great and this sequel proves only marginally better. Designed as a straight rip off of Pixars Cars, this has none of the charm of that film and the series just can't rid itself of that straight to DVD feeling. Planes was originally intended for a straight to DVD release by Disney who then came up with the wonderful idea to release it in cinemas.

Planes 2 certainly has a more cinematic feel to it than its predecessor, no doubt helped by a bigger budget. Young kids might like it but anyone older than 5 years of age might find themselves being extremely bored.

Planes 2: Fire and Rescue (u) 

Director: Bobs Gannaway
Starring: Dana Cook, Ed Harris, Julie Bowen, Curtis Armstrong, John Michael Higgins, Hal Holbrook, Wes Studi

UK Release:  8th August 2014

Planes 2: Extended Clip

Planes 2: "Make It Count" Clip