Anyone familiar with the original 1982 film should tread warily if going to see this by the numbers remake, it's not that it's bad but anyone going expecting the same level of scares is going to be seriously disappointed. The special effects might be a step up but the scare level certainly isn't.

For those that are coming across the story for the first time, and it will be these people that enjoy it the most, Rosemarie DeWitt and Sam Rockwell play a married couple who move into a new home with their three children. When things start to move about and things go bump in the night, they start to suspect that the house is infested by angry poltergeist.

Just as the family then find out that their house was built on an old cemetery things start to get worse, toy clowns start to attack the children and the youngest child, Maddy is kidnapped by the spirits and dragged into the netherworld where she has to guide the lost souls to the light.

The family turn to Irish TV ghost hunter Carrigan Burke (Jared Harris) for help in rescuing their daughter and ridding their house of the possessed.

Director Gil Kenan certainly moves the story into the 21st century with the demons appearing on flat screen TVs and mobile phones.

If your new to the poltergeist story then go and enjoy, it's fun and the 3d, if you’re seeing it in 3d, is pretty good, however if you’re a fan of the original then don't go with high expectations.

Poltergeist (3D) (15)
1h 34m

Director: Gil Kenan
Starring: Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Jared Harris, Jane Adams

Uk Release: Friday 22nd May 2015