Postman Pat moves from the small screen to the big screen with “Postman Pat the Movie”.

After losing his yearly bonus and being unable to take his wife on holiday to Italy Pat, voiced by Stephen Mangan, enters in a “Britain's Got Talent” type show called “You're The One”, the first prize being a trip to Italy. Much to everyone's surprise Pat finds that he can sing and he's put through to the finals by a Simon Cowell look and sound alike called Simon Cowbell. Once he's in the show Pat takes his eye off of his postman job and in his absence his evil boss Carbuncle (Peter Woodward) looking to improve the efficiency of the delivery service replaces Pat with robot postmen. The robots look like Pat except for their scary grins and sinister voices, the only problem for Carbuncle is that the robots aren't very good at being postmen; the locals now cower in fear when they see "Pat" and his bright red van coming. However Carbuncles not worried as his ultimate aim is to cut costs and take over the world with his Robots.

The voice cast also includes David Tennant who plays the father of a child whose is up against Pat in the final of the show.

Postman Pat as a TV program was always aimed at pre school kids. The makers of the film version have obviously tried to make the film edgier in order to make it more attractive for older kids. The big problem could be is that in trying to please everyone it might please no one. Seven year olds will find Postman Pat childish and just won't want to see it whilst younger children, well those of a sensitive nature, might find the robots to be a bit on the scary side. There's even a Robot version of Pats black and white cat Jess that has lasers for eyes and is guaranteed to give young ones' nightmares. As for the Britain's Got Talent story line, I would expect that this will go right over very young kids’ heads.

Postman Pat is enjoyable but just be wary if you intend taking very young children.

Postman Pat: The Movie (U)

1h 57m

Director: Mike Disa
Starring: (Voiced by) Stephen Mangan, David Tennant, Jim Broadbent, Rupert Grint

UK Release: Friday 23rd May 2014

Postman Pat: The Movie - "Audition Tape" Clip

Postman Pat: The Movie - "Oh Muffin" Clip