Kelly Mac Donald shines in director Marc Tartletaub’s Puzzle. Mac Donald plays fortysomething mother Agnes who has led a sheltered life after living with her widowed father.

After her father dies Agnes continues to live in the family home with her husband (David Denman) and two sons (Austin Abrams and Bubba Weller).

Her day consists mostly of attending church meetings and preparing meals for her husband and two boys.

After receiving a jigsaw puzzle as a present and finding that she has a talent for quickly building the puzzle, Agnes makes a rare journey into New York where in a puzzle store she finds an advert for a person that’s looking for a puzzle partner.

Reluctantly answering the advert she meets Robert (Irrfan Khan), a reclusive inventor, who after having recently separated from his wife is looking for a partner so that he can enter in an upcoming jigsaw tournament.

Agnes, keeping it a secret from her family, agrees to be his partner and as the two puzzle partners become closer and closer Agnes begins to have doubts about her own life and starts to wonder if there is more to life than just looking after her husband and sons’ needs.

Puzzle is a simple story that is lifted above the ordinary by the charismatic and effortless performances’ of MacDonald and Khan. Mac Donald in particular shines in a role that shows that she is one of the most underrated actresses in cinema today.

Highly recommended.

Puzzle (15)

1h 42m

Director: Marc Turtletaub Starring: Kelly Macdonald, Irrfan Kahn

UK Release: Friday 7th September 2018

Puzzle - "I Love My Mother" Clip

Puzzle - TV Spot