Liam Neeson teams up with director Jaume Collet-Serra for a third time, ("Non-Stop and "Unknown"), in the action thriller "Run All Night".

Neeson plays Jimmy "The Grave Digger" Conlon, a hit man who does the dirty work for his childhood friend and mob boss Shawn Maguire (Ed Harris).

It's Christmas time and Jimmy's a bit down on his luck, taken to the bottle and estranged from his family he's so hard up for cash that he has to take on the role of Santa at a mob Christmas party.

When Maguire's son Danny (Boyd Holbrook) gets mixed up in a drug deal with an Eastern European gang Maguire refuses to get involved and tells his son to sort it out himself. Unfortunately Danny's not so good at negotiating and he ends up putting a bullet through the head of his onetime business partners.

Jimmy's son, Mike Conlon (Joel Kinnaman), is a limousine driver who just happens to drop Danny's victims off at the scene of the crime. When he witnesses the killings and makes off from the scene Danny, against the advice of his father, goes looking for Mike. When he tracks down Mike is just before he is about to put a bullet into him Jimmy intervenes and kills Danny.

Naturally Shawn Maguire is not overly happy about Jimmy killing his only son and vows to see Mike dead by the end of the night.

As if having the mob after you wasn't bad enough Jimmy also has Detective John Harding (Vincent D'Onofrio) on his tail, Harding’s been after Jimmy for years and is looking to bring him in for all the hits that he suspects Jimmy to have been involved in. Needless to say as their pursued across New York by both the mob and the local police it's up to Jimmy to use his own personnel skills to keep them one step ahead of their pursuers

"Run All Night" is the type of film that Neeson has become pretty synonymous with in recent years, full of gun fights car chases and punch ups it's all pretty standard stuff, however what it does have is an excellent cast, Neeson and Harris are pretty good together, even if they do look as if they would be more at home in the Marigold Hotel than kicking ass in the streets of New York.

Neeson’s latest won't grab him any new fans but if you're already a fan than you certainly won't be disappointed.

Run All Night

Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Starring: Liam Neeson, Ed Harris, Joel Kinnaman, Vincent D'Onofrio

UK Release: Friday 13th March 2015