Seberg is part biography, I say part as it mostly covers a two year period from 1969, of American movie star Jean Seberg (Kirsten Stewart). Brought up in Iowa, she became more famous in France for roles in movies such as Jean-Luc Godard’s 1960 movie Breathless.

Whilst it might have been interesting to learn more about her movie career director Benedict Andrews focuses on a period in her life where Seberg, a civil rights campaigner, took up with members of the Black Panther movement. Helping to bankroll them brings Seberg to the attention of the FBI who have her followed and her conversations bugged. Finding out that Seberg as more than a passing acquaintance with one of the Panthers most ardent activists the FBI, led by agents Jack Solomon and Carl Kowalski (Jack O’Connell and Vince Vaughan), set up an operation to discredit her.

Stewart gives a fine performance in a movie that whilst interesting never really lifts itself above the ordinary.


Seberg (15)

1h 42m

UK Release: 10th January 2020
US Release: 13th December 2019