Director Hank Braxton adds another monster movie to his repertoire, following up his killer polar bear flick Unnatural, starring Django unchained’s James Remar, this time with a giant mutant serpent slithering round Los Angeles and wreaking hilarious havoc. Produced by, and featuring a cameo by Big Ass Spider! director Mike Mendez, this is a schlocky, silly, and action-packed B-movie bonanza, that fans of the hit Sharknado films won’t want to miss.


Nerd scientist Vurkel is experimenting in his bedroom in south Los Angeles, testing an enlarging ray on a snake. Meanwhile his housemates are preparing for an audition to score a major record deal. When Vurkel’s fast-changing test snake escapes, it’s up to him and the rappers - and a pair of mismatched cops - to track it down and stop it before it grows completely out of control.

Snake Outta Compton (15)

1h 29m

Director: Hank Braxtan
Ricky Flowers Jnr, Mowtown Maurice, Donte Essien

UK Release: On DVD and VOD from Monday 28th January 2019