For some reason Disney let the rights to Tarzan lapse in 2010 and this let German based Constantin pictures slip in and acquired the rights.

The story somewhat strangely starts with a meteor crashing into earth and wiping out the dinosaurs. We then move swiftly to a group of apes and witness one of them gruesomely bash in the brains of another with a large rock, I presume that this might be a German idea of entertainment for kids but it seems overly violent for a kiddies picture. After this we meet the Greystoke family who are out in the jungle looking for the aforementioned meteor, why they would take their young son on such perilous quest is anybody's guess, apparently the meteor possesses strange qualities that Greystoke enterprises want to exploit. Whilst looking for the meteor the helicopter that the Greystokes are in crashes and young JJ's (Mark Devlin) family is wiped out and he is left all alone in the jungle. As we know he is then adopted by apes and he becomes the king of the jungle.

Things move on and he is now a fully grown man, he has even given himself the name Tarzan and he is able to swing through the jungle, much like spider-man can do but only Tarzan doesn't need a web, and he is master of all that he surveys. Meanwhile back in civilisation Greystoke Enterprises has been taken over by an no good profiteer who plans to find the lost meteor, harness it's power and from it make a ridiculous amount of money. Needing a front so that others won't guess what he's up to he tricks ecologist Jane (Spencer Locke) and her explorer dad to go into the jungle and look for the meteor. The expedition is then found by Tarzan who after saving Jane from a snake falls in love with her and then helps her against the evil Greystoke Enterprises. The introduction between the two goes, as you won't be surprised, me Tarzan you Jane.

There's not much to recommend in this lacklustre piece of entertainment, the animation is dated looking and the story is ponderous and laughable, much like Tarzan's famous roar which is more like a cat screeching. If you’re under 10 then you might enjoy it, that's if you're not terrified by the brutish apes bashing each other's brains in. Never mind, Warner Bros have a reboot coming in 2016 hopefully it will be better than this piece of lazy animation.

Tarzan 3D (PG)

1h 35m

Director: Reinhard Klooss
Starring: Kellan Lutz, Jaime Ray Newman, Robert Capron

UK Release: Friday 2nd May 2014