The Gallows is another one of these films that sees teens filming their own demises on their mobile phones.

20 years after a pupil died after hanging from the gallows that were built for a school play, pupils have decided, from some strange reason, to put on a performance of the same play. The main actor in the play is also the star of the high school football team, the only problem is that he's a better footballer than he is an actor. On the evening before the play he and his three buddies decide to break into the school so that they can destroy the set, the idea being that if the sets broken then there will be no play and the jock won't embarrass himself in front of the school.

Once the three are in the school, complete with their phones, which they inexplicably use to film their crimes, strange things start to happen, doors lock, things move, floorboards creak and loud noises punctuate the soundtrack for no reason other than to scare the pants off the un-expecting audience.

The Gallows is a cheap by the numbers horror film that is at times mildly insulting to the audiences’ intelligence, why anyone would flee for their life but still film their escape is a question that can only be answered by the film makers who were responsible for this calamity of a film.

The cast, all of them unknowns, do their best, but I would imagine that The Gallows is a film that they won't want to add to their CVs.

The Gallows (15)


Starring: Cassidy Gifford, Ryan Shoos, Reese Mishley, Pfeifer Brown

UK Release: Friday 17th July 2015