“The Guest” is a low budget thriller starring Dan Stevens (Downtown Abbey). He plays David Collins a charming and handsome ex soldier who turns up on the door step of Laura (Sheila Kelly) and Spencer (Dan Stevens) Peterson, a couple whose son was killed in Afghanistan. He claims to have known their son and their son's dying wish was that he should convey his dying comrade's love for his family to them face to face. Collins is then inexplicably taken into the family home. He then befriends their son and daughter, helping out the son after he is targeted by school bullies and helping their daughter when she has boyfriend problems.

Unfortunately Collins seems to have some anger issues as he beats the bullies to a pulp and beats up some gate crashers at a student party. As people start to die in the town the son and daughter start to become suspicious of Collins, is he who he says he is?

“The Guest” is a dire film with some of the worst acting seen on screen for some time. Where there is meant to be tension there is only laughter. The audience I watched it with burst into fits of laughter at scenes that were meant to be frightening.

As for the ending, not to give anything away, but in a film where everything is utter nonsense the ending takes that meaning to a new level. If you found this in a bargain DVD bin you would throw it back in it’s that bad.

Guest, The (15)

Director: Adam Wingard
Starring: Dan Stevens, Maika Monroe

UK Release:Friday 5th September 2014