When a scientist (Joseph Law) for a logging company moves with his wife and child into a deserted house in the middle of a forest they are warned by the locals not to disturb the forest or strange creatures, called The Hallow, or they will come and seek their revenge.

Needless to say the couple dismiss the locals as superstitious nutters and they carry on with their daily tasks, which includes taking samples of fungi from diseased trees. However when the scientist takes the fungi back to his house strange things start to happen, a black treacle like substance starts to bleed out of the walls and strange unseen creatures start to scurry about their house in the dark.

The Hallow starts of promising with some genuine scary edge of the seat moments, however the more that's revealed the more the tension drops. The longer the film goes on the more ridiculous it becomes, by the end of the film The Hallow has resorted to becoming no more than a run of the mill monster film.

The Hallow (15)

1h 37m

Director: Corin Hardy

Starring: Joseph Mawle, Bojana Novakovic

UK Release: Friday 13th January 2015