Kevin Hart is an actor that you either love or hate and your opinion of him will no doubt determine whether or not you'll like "The Wedding Ringer".

Kevin Hart plays Jimmy a man who runs a successful business that provides a best man for grooms that have no friends. Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is a Los Angeles tax attorney who is about to marry Gretchen, a woman (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting) that is totally out of his league. Whilst Gretchen has her seven bridesmaids poor Doug doesn't even have a best man, in fact he's got no friends at all.

It's then recommended by camp wedding planner Edmundo (Ignacio Serricchio) that Doug visits Jimmy Callahan (Hart), a best man for hire. Off course this is all down without the knowledge of Doug's bride to be. Jimmy then sets about gathering a group of misfits who pretend to be Doug's friends. Jimmy is then introduced to Gretchen's family as Doug's best man, Things don't get off to the best of starts for Jimmy and Doug as when he's introduced to Gretchen's family at a family dinner Jimmy manages to make bad taste jokes about blacks Jews and rounds it all off by setting Granny on fire.

Needlessly to say Jimmy and Doug start to bond and Jimmy shows Doug how to have a good time, introducing him to prostitutes at his bachelor party, a party where Doug is also introduced to a slobbering dog and some peanut butter. The pair also crash someone else's wedding so that Doug can get some practice for his own wedding.

Hart plays it more low key than his usual one hundred mile an hour style of comedy and the interplay between Doug and Jimmy does raise a few laughs. If you like Hart then there's no reason why you won't enjoy "The Wedding Ringer". If on the other hand you can't stand him then I would stay well clear as this isn't going to convert you into a fan.

The Wedding Ringer (15)

Director: Jeremy Garelick
Starring: Kevin Hart, Josh Gad, Olivia Thirlby

UK Release: Friday 20th February 2015