"Two by Two" is a pretty run of the mill animated film that tells the story of two evolutionary outcasts who are thrown off Noah's ark just before the flood arrives. Young Finny and his dad are furry bird like creatures called Nestrains. Finding that they are not on Noah's list the pair are thrown off the ark but somehow manage to smuggle there way back on board, but, just as the flood comes young Finny is thrown into the water with a Young Grymp, a Grymp appears to be some kind of fox, or it could be a wolf, I don't know.

Finding themselves all alone the young pair must make their way to higher ground, on the way there they encounter various hazards including a pair of hungry griffins who see the young, whatever they are, as lunch.

"Two By Two" is pretty uninspiring stuff that would have in the past, in the pre-digital age, went straight to DVD.

One for very small undemanding children only.

Two By Two (U)

Director: Toby Genkel, Sean McCormack
Starring: Voice: Chris Evans

UK Release: Friday 1st May 2015