Two girls at an elite Parisian ballet academy have their bond and bodies tested as they compete for a contract to join the company of the Opéra national de Paris.

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Sweetheart (Review)

A socially awkward, environmentally conscious teenager named AJ is dragged to a coastal holiday park by her painfully 'normal' family, where she becomes unexpectedly captivated by a chlorine smelling, sun-loving lifeguard named Isla.

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Set in Newark during the 1960s race riots between the African-American and Italian communities. The war between the cultural mobs turns especially lethal. Prequel to the TV series The Sopranos.

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Chris Blythe (Ian Virgo) returns to his home town in Wales after losing a fortune in Canada. He falls in love with Elen (Sianad Gregory), a volatile and charismatic woman. But Elen’s father Billy (David Hayman) is a dangerous man, and Chris finds himself torn between love and hate…

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His own body turned into a living work of art and promptly exhibited in a museum, Sam, a Syrian refugee, will soon realize to have sold away more than just his skin.

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Marc-André Leclerc climbs alone, far from the limelight. The free-spirited 23-year-old makes some of the boldest solo ascents in history. With no cameras and no margin for error, Leclerc's approach is the essence of solo adventure.

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After the time of the Mane 6, Sunny--a young Earth Pony--and her new Unicorn friend Izzy explore their world and strive to restore Harmony to Equestria.


Based on the award-winning novels by Isaac Asimov, Foundation chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire.
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Inspired by true events, Everybody's Talking About Jamie follows Jamie New (Harwood), a teenager from Sheffield, who dreams of life on stage. While his classmates plan their livelihoods after they leave school, Jamie contemplates revealing his secret career ambition to become a fierce and proud drag queen.

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12 MIGHTY ORPHANS tells the true story of the Mighty Mites, the football team of a Fort Worth orphanage who, during the Great Depression, went from playing without shoes—or even a football—to playing for the Texas state championships.

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Sam (Karen Gillan) was only 12 years old when her mother Scarlet (Lena Headey), an elite assassin, was forced to abandon her. Now, 15 years later, she uses her “talents” to clean up The Firm’s most dangerous messes.

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In the treacherous frontier city of Samurai Town, a ruthless bank robber (Nicolas Cage) is sprung from jail by a wealthy warlord, The Governor (Bill Moseley), whose adopted granddaughter Bernice (Sofia Boutella) has run away. Strapped into a leather suit that will self-destruct within five days if he doesn’t find the missing girl, the bandit sets off on a journey to find the young woman — and his own path to redemption

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Cinemas 12/11/21

Digital 01/11/21

Digital 25/10/21

Digital & DVD 18/10/21

Cinemas 04/02/22

The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain Coming soon to Cinemas

Netflix 28/09/21

Apple TV+ 05/11/21

DVD & Digital 18/10/21

Digital 18/10/21

Frida Viva La Vida Cinemas 01/10/21, Digital & DVD 25/10/21

Cinemas 15/10/21

Cinemas & Digital 05/11/21

Coming soon to cinemas

Cinemas 21/01/22

Cinemas 22/01/22

Digital 11/10/21

Cinemas 29/10/21

Cinemas 22/10/21

Cinemas 22/12/21

Netflix 24/12/21

Netflix 12/11/21

Cinemas 08/10/21

Amazon Prime Video 10/12/21

Cinemas 12/11/21

Cinemas 05/11/21

Netflix 01/12/21

Cinemas 29/10/21

Cinemas 26/11/21

Cinemas 17/12/21

No Time To Die World Premiere to be held on the 28th September at London's Albert Hall.

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Full programme announced for the Scottish Queer International Festival 2021 (CCA Glasgow 6 - 10th October)

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Edinburgh's newest cinema to open at Summerhall on Friday 1st October.

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Running across Scotland in cinemas as well as online, Take One Action Announces its full programme for its 2021 Festival.

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Fantasy series, The Wheel of Time, based on Robert Jordan's best-selling book series. starring Rosamund Pike, Josha Stradowski and Marcus Rutherford is coming to Amazon prime Video on 19th November.

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Y: The Last Man gets a trailer and a UK release date.

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First Trailer released for the feature documentary Mothers Of The Revolution.

First clip released from The Electrical Life Of Louis Wain.

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"Friends Big And Small" the eighth original video is released as part of the "Take Care with Peanuts" initiative.

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