Local hardware store owner Ella (Shannon Elizabeth) is overjoyed to finally be the proud owner of a run-down mansion after years of trying to purchase the old, abandoned house in a quaint Colorado town that no one has come forward to claim for 30 years. 

But Ella’s newfound happiness is short-lived... Soon after she moves in, a man named Russell (Daniel Cudmore) and his 10-year-old son Ben (Dreyden Stevens) arrive at the property, claiming to be the rightful heirs. Adamant that the place is rightfully theirs, things become tense, but after a few days a compromise is reached... they agree to live in the house all-together until the question of ownership is resolved. 

Tucked away in the snowy Rockies, sparks begin to fly between Ella and Russell – could love be in the air?

A Home for the Holidays

Director: Kyle Cooper, Jason Wan Lim
Cast: Shannon Elizabeth, Daniel Cudmore

UK Release: Digital Platforms 6th November 2023