STUDIOCANAL has announced the release of a brand-new 4K restoration of director Carol Reed ’s (The Third Man, The Fallen Idol) classic fable, A KID FOR TWO FARTHINGS ,that will be available to own on Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital from February 26.

Starring Celia Johnson (Brief Encounter, The Prime of Miss. Jean Brodie), Diana Dors (West 11, Yield to The Night), David Kossoff (I Am a Camera, The Mouse That Roared) and Jonathan Ashmore in his sole acting role, the film is packed with memorable supporting characters including the affectionate Mrs Abramowitz (Irene Handl), blowsy fashionista Lady Ruby (Brenda de Banzie) crooked jewellery salesman Ice Berg (Sid James) and finicky tailor Madam Rita (Sydney Tafler).

“Carol Reed, the master of the unexpected, brings you a motion picture of mood and emotion that surpasses all your expectations!”

In the vibrant Petticoat Lane community of East London, amidst the hustle and bustle of the ancient market, small shops and open-air vendors, Joe (Jonathan Ashmore) lives with his mother, Joanne (Celia Johnson) above the Kandinsky tailor shop, where Joanne also works. Joe is innocently and earnestly determined to make the lives of his impoverished, hard-working neighbours better. Hearing Mr. Kandinsky (David Kossoff) tell a tale that a captured unicorn will grant any wish, Joe uses his accumulated pocket money to buy a goat with a single emerging horn, believing it to be a unicorn. His efforts to make dreams come true make this an enchanting film that explores the power of hope amidst hardship, through a child’s eyes.

Adapted by Wolf Mankowitz (Casino Royale, The Day the Earth Caught Fire) from his own novel, A KID FOR TWO FARTHINGS was Carol Reed's first colour film and would be his last British production until Oliver! thirteen years later. Partly filmed on location in Petticoat Lane, the film is a rare example of a genuine Anglo-Jewish film that portrays a thriving Jewish community in the East End of the 1950s.

The new 4K restoration of A KID FOR TWO FARTHINGScomes complete with brand-new extras and is the newest addition to the ever-expanding Vintage Classics Collectionfrom STUDIOCANAL .


- New Memory Lane: video essay by Ella Taylor

- New Dreams and Work: an interview with Jonathan Ashmore

- The Bespoke Overcoat (1955, Jack Clayton) – A brand new restoration of the Academy Award-winning short film written by Wolf Mankowitz and starring David Kossof and Alfie Bass

- All in a Day’s Work: Vera Day looks back

- Audio interview with Joe Robinson (2006)

- Lobby Cards Gallery

- Behind the Scenes Stills Gallery

Cert: PG / Runtime: 91mins

A Kid for Two Farthings (1955)

1h 31m

Director: Carol Reed
Cast: Diana Dors, Joe Robinson, Lou Jacobi)

UK Release: Blu-Ray, DVD and Digital 26th February 2024