With tones of Escape Room (2019) and Saw (2004), four thieves (William Forsythe, Kathleen Munroe, Gia Sandhu and Michael Hough) find themselves trapped in an underground basement where they are forced, via a set of challenges which if they fail within a set time a bomb is primed to go off, to plan a diamond heist on a mock-up of an actual bank in director Jesse Ikeman’s enjoyable if not very original heist movie, A Perfect Plan.

Ikeman uses his obviously limited budget to good effect whilst the quartet are in the basement. It only really becomes apparent how low budget this actually is once the story escapes the confines of the basement and moves out into the outside world.

With its mixture of Ocean’s Eleven (2011) and the aforementioned Escape Room, A Perfect Plan won’t last long in the memory but as a piece of escapist entertainment it just about satisfies.


A Perfect Plan

1h 27m

Director:  Jesse Ikeman
Cast: William Forsythe, Carlo Rotta, Kathleen Munroe, Yannick Bisson

UK Release: Digital Platforms 8th August 2021