Life is far from straightforward for Aine (Niamh James), a teenager growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, in Portrush, Northern Ireland. The upcoming school play is the least of Aine’s worries. Not only must she grapple with religion, suicidal thoughts and help care for her terminally ill grandmother (Kathy Deehan)… but she is also expecting a baby.

As she attempts to navigate her pregnancy and move on with her life – she relies heavily on those around her, including hardworking mother Margaret (Amanda Doherty – The Fall), supportive drama teacher Ellie (Jaime Winstone), Father Reitel (Julian Glover) and best friends Leo (Tod Bell) and Corinna (Ania Lee Lyes).

With her nearest and dearest facing their own challenges – will they be able to pull together and help Aine through this difficult time?

An Irish Angel

Director: Danny Patrick
Cast: Julian Glover, Jaime Winstone, Baz Black, Niaml James

UK Release: Digital Platforms 15th April 2024